I have talked about making T-shirts for a LONG time, and I’m just getting started! Your ‘swag’ or ‘merch’ order (there has to be a new cooler word for this stuff by now, I’m way over the word ‘merch’) goes to support the Let’s Be Real Podcast!

Click on over to my partner, Flare Apparel, to check out our first t-shirt option – a fully customizable, word of the year, super soft, V-neck Tee!

What is your ‘word of the year’? Or even just a favorite word? The shirt shown here is just one example, the Flare Apparel website has many more examples and options!  

Click the Order Button on the right and design away!  Make sure to post a picture of you in your ‘swag/merch’  (swerch??) and tag us on social media at #erikamconner and #Letsberealpodcast