I absolutely love to teach! And I really love to learn. Such a fun and exciting combination for me to be able to share the things that I learn by finding and expressing ways that relate them to everyday life.

 Let’s be Real, is a motto I live by… I don’t have energy to be fake, no desire to lead you to believe I am something other than I am, and long for genuine and authentic relationships. Being ‘real’ requires us to be honest with ourselves, and humble enough to acknowledge what that fully means in our lives.

 Living life with the mentality and desire to be ‘real’ has caused me to learn more about myself every single day. Let’s all learn to be real, dig deeper into scripture, discover the characteristics of God and what He wants and has for us, in honest and humble ways, together.

You can find me on my upcoming podcast called, Let’s Be Real – and on my blog at Now and Not Yet Farm, where I share what I am learning about farming, growing, creation and God through devotions and insights, and you can join me at my fall retreats!

I would love to join you in person as well. If you are looking for a speaker to join you in your authentic journey into Real, Honest and Humble Faith, it would be my honor to dig into scripture and lifes challenges with you.

Some examples of topics I have spoken on in the past are: Peace & Rest, Worship, Intimacy in Marriage, Expectations and Insecurities, Creativity, Being Known, Parenting, Apologetics & Proof of our Faith, Christmas and Easter talks, and many other things in between.

I am more than willing to tackle any topic you can think of, and prepare a custom talk for your event with enough notice.  I can serve in whatever capacity you are looking for…small groups, keynote or retreat speaking, breakout talks, etc. 

Let me know how I can encourage you in your journey to Be Real in your Faith. 



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